THE bling cakes CREW

those individuals who've given unending support, feedback and impetus for bling cakes to come about:

Adrienne Carmin, RELISH - Food for the Five Senses, 206-619-1506,
Al Zoricic
Courtney Smith
Desiree Gibson
Edie Burke
Jason Svela, my genius friend who built this website, and didn't even want credit
Jen Rasmussen, fabulous photographer of bling cakes and other fame,
Joel Puglisi
Kim Foerster
Larry Burke
Matt Locke
, my own personal Henry Higgins,
Melisa Lunt, co-creator of the bling cakes logo,
Michael Foerster
Michelle Rashid
Mikiah Fender
, co-creator of the bling cakes logo,
Shannon McPhail
Tony Logan
Wendy Kranz